Gold Coast 24-26 January 2020


Australia's Unique Cuban Culture & Spirituality the sea!

Afrekete is an Not-for-Profit Organisation set up to promote authentic Cuban culture in Australia. We do this through our annual event on the Gold Coast as well as workshops leading up to the main event.

Afrekete comes from the word for the Ocean Mother energy of the Arara Tradition originally from Dahomey region in Nigeria and came to Cuba with the slaves.

It is also the name of our annual Cuban Culture & Spirituality Festival by the Sea on the Gold Coast, featuring over 12 invited dance & music artists - and now also a Winter Edition in Melbourne in June!

Come and share this special gathering with us, to co-create an energetic centre and connect to the roots of this sacred ancestry, to be able to experience a real piece of Cuba in Australia!!

It starts with an Opening Ceremony with cultural exchange from local Indigenous Cultural Welcome & dance and Afro-Cuban ritual dance and drumming, which continues over a whole weekend of dance and music workshops & live music nights with performances by Cuban dance & music maestros. Feel the heartbeat of Cuba and let the rhythm move you...

Friday 7th - Sunday 9th June 2019