25-27 JANUARY 2019




Greydis Montero Liranza

NZ / Cuba

Originating from Havana Cuba, Greydis is an award winning and highly accredited dancer with over 20 years experience in the dance world...
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Israel Ortiz Castellano

Brisbane / Cuba

Israel was born in Santiago de Cuba, and has been dancing practically all of his life. He first went to a specialised dance school at the age of 11 and went on to graduate...
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Cruz Vazquez Borges

Sydney / Cuba

Cruz was born in Havana who graduated as first level choreographer and soloist dancer. He studied in schools like the Escuela Nacional de Arte in Havana (ENA) in Havana Cuba specialising in ballet, varieties and musical theatre as well as school of Cuba’s famous Tropicana Cabaret called Prodanza. He has danced in companies like Okantomi Company Folklorica, Cuban TV Ballet, JCM, PMM, Lady Salsa show which toured the world. Since his arrival to Australia, he has taught in Dance Fever, Arthur Murray Studios and his own company 365XDANCE.

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Dr Adrian Hearn, Ph.D


An esteemed academic and percussionist, Adrian visits Cuba frequently to research the influences of the Afro-Cuban religion Santería and its associated music on community welfare projects...
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Rolando Garcia


Dr Kent Windress

Kent Windress is a Babalawo, musician and ethnomusicologist. Both his musical and research interests focus on the music of batá drums. As well as this, he was initiated as a Santero in Havana, Cuba, in 2011, and as a Babalawo in 2013. As far as he is aware he is the first Australian-born Babalawo to be initiated in Cuba. 


Adrian Medina Skull

Sydney / Cuba

Adrian's international dance experience has taken him to perform intensively throughout more than 15 countries, appearing in some of the largest...
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Alejandro Espinosa Gonzalez

Melbourne / Cuba

Alejandro has performed in the biggest shows to come out of Cuba such as: "Lady Salsa", "Lo Maximo de Cuba" and  with The Bar at Buena Vista Social Club ...
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Christina Monneron

Gold Coast Australia

Mauritian-born Christina studied with a principal artist of Cuba’s National Folkloric Dance Group in Sweden in 1996, beginning a journey that included participation in an intensive Afro-Cuban...
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Gustavo CereIjo & Band Chukale


A benchmark for Latin American music in Australia, Chukale has supported 8-time Grammy award winner Chucho Valdez , Grammy award-winning Los Van Van, Afro-Cuban All Stars, La 33, Sonora Carruseles... Read More


Piter Pantoja Lopez

Adelaide / Cuba

Born in Havana, Cuba. Piter is a Professional Dancer and Dance instructor of all Cuban dance styles. Recognized as an outstanding performer Piter has danced for some of Cuba’s biggest internationally recognized stage shows.... Read More


Christian Isola
Brisbane / Uruguay

Christian Isola born in Uruguay is a proficient ambassador to his Afro-Uruguayan roots. Having grown up with a drum by his side he has represented Candombe at its highest level also being a recording artist both in his native homeland and in Australia.
His love for music has taken him to experience having his own Timba band in Sydney" Somos Familia" and in turn playing with some of Australias best musicians in the Latin Scene.
Now based in Brisbane ex back up vocalist and guiro player for Chukale has turned his focus to what he loves most and that is his religion having initiated himself as an IFA priest (Babalawo) and now studying and perfecting the chants that belong to his beloved Orishas.


Alfredo Villaflores
Sydney / Cuba

Alfredo Villaflores aka DJ AV El Cubano is a prolific promotor of Latin Music in Sydney, and the first DJ to promote Salsa /Timba in this part of the world, as well as introducing to Sydney the popular dance "Rueda" from Cuba. Just back from overseas where he played in the hottest night clubs of Madrid, London, Havana and Buenos Aires!!! Alfredo keeps playing top music making him one of the most popular DJ's in Sydney for 13 years. Salsa, Timba,Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton, Party Classics from the 50's to 80's, R&B, Latin Hip Hop and more! He is the host of the popular program "LATIN MIX 88.9 FM for for 7 years. DJ AV El Cubano was third place winner of the DJ's world championship in London, competing against the best DJ's of Europe. He was also DJ at "Latin Splash" the biggest Latin Festival of London. Alfredo has worked in all of the hot spots in Sydney such as: BJ's Nightclub, La Campana, Club Havana, Fox Studio, Club Marconi, Copacabana Restaurant, The Spanish Club, The Blue Cuban Room, Spanish Harlem, Latin Flava, Bar Rumba, Kentra Bar, Casa de la Salsa, Port Orient, Mojito, Coolabar, La Cita, Establishment, FAVELA, Cubamemucho Festival and an infinite number of festivals around Australia including corporate functions and private parties.