AFREKETE 2021 Testimonials

What others are saying about last year's event...

Jacquie Brydon – Gold Coast community member

I really enjoyed the weekend. People were so polite and gracious. I had thought it was going to be a Cuban festival not just Cuban dance classes (which I say with no criticism) as I observed the dance instructors putting in a lot of time to teach people and effort to include everyone in the fabulous dances of the country were wonderful to witness. As a person outside of that dance community, I see great potential to grow this with Cuban cooking classes, Cuban Craft classes, Cuban drumming and music classes and perhaps some type of fundraising for a charity project in Cuba with a call for volunteers to go to Cuba to help (that would interest me; I am an English teacher) I BLESS all of you and thank you for sharing your wonderful Art and dances and I look forward to seeing more cultural aspects being shared in the future.

Luís Piazzetta, Brazilian-born Photographer

26 January 2021 . This last weekend I was invited to portrait an amazing festival that happened on the GC, the Afrekete Afro-Cuban Festival. Right now, I'm just amazed by the synchronicity in life! I came from the other side of the planet, from a place that also cultivates and honour Orixás, and they became part of my life. These cultural manifestations from Cuba share a common root to those in Brazil, and I found myself witnessing the expression of that on the other side of the world in Australia!! with anthropologists, musicians, dancers that are also passionate about this art and culture. It was a nice journey. If you want to know more about afro Cuban Culture, please take a look into the WHO IS NATURE? Documentary from Melbourne University.

Pilo Selguera – Cuban artist and teacher from the Sunshine Coast

I am so happy to be part of this amazing event and join incredible dance Teachers. Big Thanks to the friendly teams that work very hard to make sure everyone has a great time.

Joanne Fairbairn – Cuban dance school owner and FNQ Festival Cubano event organiser Cairns

As always Christina Monneron, you and your amazing group of helpers produced an outstanding event. Thank you. Myself and the crew from Strictly Street Salsa look forward to taking part in many more years of Afrekete. Congratulations.

Maatakiri Rapira – Gold Coast community member

So, so blessed to have these beautiful, talented, gifted, caring people sharing Cuban dance, culture and music.


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