25-27 JANUARY 2019


The journey starts Friday 2pm with conferences on Cuban Culture & Spirituality then at 5.30pm the Opening Ceremony on the beach with Indigenous elders plus our own Afrekete team of elders - those initiated Santeros & Babalawos, then a Welcome Party with live Cuban Rumba and Cuban Creole Cuisine

Cuba Ceremony Afrekete 2013


Workshops then follow on Saturday & Sunday from 9am with the A White Hot Havana Night party & showcase night with live Cuban Timba band "El Timbon" Saturday night at a venue nearby. Throughout the weekend, you will journey through the history & roots of Cuban culture through to the official closing ceremony & grand finale mini-festival with Cuban food, crafts, art, music & performances on the Sunday afternoon!! All teaching sessions will be held in the same room at the same time, and cater for Absolute Beginner to Advanced level dancers & teachers of Cuban dance, as we have exceptional dance teachers at your fingertips who will separate into the different levels. PLUS most dance workshops are to live music by our incredible music maestros (not to mention some extra intensive Masterclass workshops in both dance and percussion for the more advanced dancer or teacher of Cuban dance).

Hot Havana Nights Party Workshop 13 Feb 2015


Thursday 24th January

Thursday 24th January


Pre-event Masterclass with special guest Maestro
Springbrook Queensland
(Gold Coast Hinterland)


Friday 25th January

Friday 25th January


Registrations Open


Pre-event Conferences on Cuban Culture & Spirituality with "I Am Ashé" Documentary Screening


(Meetup at Kirra Hill Cultural Centre 5.15pm)

Welcome Ceremony with Indigenous Elder & Afrekete Santeros & Babalawos officially welcome you to Afrekete via ceremony & sacred songs & drumming

Cuban Dinner
(Prebooked only)

7.30PM - 10.30PM
Welcome Party with live Rumba & DJ Alfredo plus follow the leader tasters of the weekend ahead & a few surprise performances
FREE for Full Ticket Holders Only

Saturday 26th January

Saturday 26th January

9AM - 10AM
(Kpalogo - The history of Clave via West African Kpalogo percussion & dance in with Mamata)

10AM - 11AM
Yoruba chants - the ancient songs of the Yoruba tradition (South-west Nigeria, Togo, Benin).

11AM - 12.30PM
Yoruba dance* - Orisha dance of Obatala (Orisha of peace & tranquility, the mountain), Ochosi (Warrior Orisha of the forests, the hunt), Oya (Warrior/Goddess Orisha of the storms & afterlife gateways)

12.30PM - 2PM
Lunchtime discussions
Cuban spirituality, the sacred music & the dances

2.00PM - 3.00PM
Arara dance* - Asojano/Asoyin - one of the tribal dances honouring the earth & the harvest originating from Dahomey region (Nigeria)

3.00PM - 4.00PM
Bantu dance* - the tribal dances from the Congo

4.00PM - 5.00PM
Rumba for men & women

6.30PM - 7.30PM
Dinner at own cost at licensed Venue TBC

7.30PM - 11.45PM
A White Hot Havana Night Party & "Roots of Salsa" Showcase night with live Cuban Timba band El Timbon & Cuban DJ AV El Cubano
($30 at door or $25 prepaid via Booking Site)

(*Beginner/Improver dancers and Intermediate/ Advanced dancers separately)

Sunday 27th January

Sunday 27th January

9AM - 10AM
Yoruba chants - the ancient songs of the Yoruba tradition continue to live Bata percussion (Main Hall)

10AM - 11AM
Rumba – how to apply parts of Rumba to your Salsa & Performance (Main Space)
(Intermediate/ Advanced Level Afro-Cuban Masterclass in Space 2)
(2hr Bata drum percussion basics in Space 3)

11AM - 12PM
Son* - the father of Salsa (Main Space)
(Intermediate/ Advanced Level Afro-Cuban Masterclass in Space 2)
(2hr Bata drum percussion basics in Space 3 )

12PM - 2PM
Lunchtime Session*

Understand the intricacies of a Latin ensemble on congas, claves & cowbell

2.00PM - 6.00PM
Cuban Mini-Festival
Live Music, Inter-cultural Performances, Arts, Crafts, Food

Closing Ceremony

BBQ on the beach (at own cost)

What else is on?

~ Authentic Babalawo readings for clarity on your soul destiny*
~ Private dance, song or percussion lessons with any instructor*
~ Friday night Cuban dinner*
~ Saturday night dinner out at licensed venue before showcase night*
~ Sunday night BBQ dinner*

*Additional activities at own cost


We have over 12 fantastic artists joining us for the weekend - here's the complete who's who.


Kirra Hill Community & Cultural Centre
1 Garrick St, Coolangatta QLD


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